Beach Walk


Serene views of Seven Mile Beach and Negril await!

From one end of The Point to the other you can follow the Beach Walk. Take a romantic stroll at sunset or enjoy a brisk walk first thing in the morning to take in the fresh air. From Bloody Bay to the Seven Mile beach is over 600 paces of absolute natural beauty. Flowers seem to be always in bloom. Birds and geccos skirt out of your way.

For those that want to really explore the area, the beaches along Long Bay are open for strolling from sun up until sun down. Starting at the adult beach (not kiddies!) tell the guards on duty you are walking down the beach to gain access. You can not and should not go into the resort, just walk along the beach. Continue through the resorts telling the guards you are staying at Point Village.

Two places to eat are less than a kilometer of walking away. Our Past Time and the Boardwalk. Both offer great food with a comfortable view of the beach.

About two kilometers down the beach you will encounter an open park area (before encountering Cosmos – a popular restaurant). If you are looking for a secluded section of beach, most of the time this is it. Holidays and weekends will see the beaches populated but most days it is very quite.

After Cosmos there are more resorts and the same rules apply. Walk along the beach and you’ll be fine. Very quickly you will encounter the bars and restaurants and small shops. The density of people increases the closer you get to Negril.

The distance to the Negril River is about seven kilometers. This is a great way to spend the day, get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and stop for food and cold drinks along the way.