What to do when you are hungry or thirsty at Point Village?

There are currently no on site dining or restaurant services*.

Each of our condos include a fully equipped kitchen. Dozens of restaurants are a short drive (or taxi ride) away. Local grocery stores carry most of the food items you may want to stock.
Every so often there is a cook out on the beach. These unscheduled events are often planned amongst owners and renters so keep an ear open for them. Nothing beats fresh lobster and fish cooked the island way on the beach.

Another option is to take a boat ride to the cay where you can have grilled lobster or fish. Ask any of the fishing boats that stop by the adult beach area and set up a lunch date.The nearest restaurants down the beach – time to walk varies on your walking speed. Distances are based on walking along the beach from the The Point adult beach. Beach walking through the resorts between Point Village and the restaurants is allowed from sun up until sun down.