Craft Markets
Wood carvings. Jamaica wear. Straw handbags. Silver jewelry. Live Reggae recordings. If you’re up for a good bargain, shop around for authentic souvenirs and unique gifts at Jamaica‚Äôs craft markets.

There are two craft markets, one within walking distance of Point Village. Exit through the main entrance and walk to the main road past the entrances to the other resorts. Turn left and just before the gas station you will see the Rutland Point Craft Market.

The other craft market will require a ride to the Negril bridge, just before the main traffic circle in town about seven kilometers away.

Walking along the beach you will also encounter beach vendors (called higglers) selling a variety of hand crafts and goods. They will walk up to the edge of the adult beach before turning around to head back down the beach. If they don’t have what you want, they may be able to call or find someone that does.

If you don’t want what they have to sell, simply tell them no and continue walking. They will not persist in their sales efforts if you are sitting on the beach at Point Village – the security guards will ask them to move along.