Getting Around Jamaica
Jamaica is a “big, little island”.  With over 4000 square miles, it is the third largest in the Caribbean.  Luckily, getting around Jamaica is easy, so you don’t have to miss anything. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a range of buses, taxis, private vans, rental vehicles and planes.  No matter where you go or how you get there, you’ll discover boundless opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

Public Transportation
Buses, minibuses and route taxis are the primary means of public transportation for the majority of people on the island, but are recommended only for the more intrepid tourist.  In Negril the main public transportation is provided by route taxis.

Route Taxis
A route taxi runs a normal route between two destinations. The primary route taxis used in Negril and the West End all meet in the center of Negril, not far from the main traffic circle. The taxis go to the West End, towards Sav La Mar, or along the beach road. The fair for a route taxi is fixed. Most are J$100 (just over a dollar in US) and are paid when you exit the vehicle. Tipping is not expected and you will be sharing the ride with other taxi riders.

Hailing a route taxi is easy.  Just start walking and as you hear or see cars coming in the direction you are going, look for a red license plate.  The red license designates a taxi.  You can then wave to the taxi and if there is room for you, it will stop and pick you up.  As you travel with the taxi it will make frequent stops to pick up or drop off passengers.  Unless you are going all the way to the center of Negril, specify where you want dropped off – such as a resort name or restaurant.

Private Taxis
You might prefer to pay a little more and hire a private taxi.  There are certain advantages to this if you are going to multiple locations or are not sure where you are going.  We can arrange a driver for you or you can walk out front where you will find several cars and taxis for hire.  In Jamaica it is not uncommon for someone with a car to try and make some money by offering to drive tourists from one location to another and serve as a guide.

Generally the vans you see waiting are licensed taxis with knowledgeable drivers.  It is not uncommon to see that they are affiliated with any one of several tourism organizations which supply group insurance coverage and general training. They are still privately owned and the majority are in maintained in good condition. In Negril, the largest organization is JUTA.  There are JUTA chapters in most major towns around Jamaica.