Two primary beaches, several additional private beaches…


Family Beach

The main beach at The Point is a family beach private to Point Village and not connected to the long Seven Mile beach. This is our private beach where everyone can enjoy the water in our secluded and protected point with the best view of the cay and reefs.

Sometimes empty, sometimes full of volleyball players and music – the private family beach at The Point is unique to the area. You won’t be bothered by vendors cruising by – just a few boats with fishermen, glass bottom tours, and other watersport activities.

Small colorful fish abound near the rocks which is a designated swimming and snorkeling area.

Adults Only Beach

At the very top of the Seven Mile Beach is The Point’s adults only clothing optional beach.  Our neighbors, Hedonism II can sometimes set an unusual beat and that’s why this area of Point Village is for adults only. From here you can see Negril and almost the entire stretch of beach. And you might see a lot more than you think too. It is all part of the fun of Negril.

The beach area is not really good for swimming. It is shallow and best suited for dipping on a hot sunny day. But swim out towards the boat docks and you’ll see plenty of fish – just watch out for boats.
Because the adult beach is part of the seven mile beach you can expect to see occasional vendors selling a variety of island crafts and goods. Fishermen will often ply their wares from the waters edge. Lobster, fish, crab, and other sea food can be purchased directly with cash. Be sure to negotiate, it is part of the fun!

Private Beach Coves

Dotting the beach walk are several small coves with very private beaches that you can claim for yourself. Don’t go into the water without proper shoes though. These sandy inlets have rocks and many sea creatures in the water. They are perfect for sunbathing though. You will have your own private beach and can watch the boats go by all day long.