Star Gazing


Due to the geographic location of The Point, fantastic views of the night sky are visible when ever it is clear.  A favorite place for star gazing is the Rock Pools, nearest to the cay (where the beach path bends), and near water sports.  The Milky Way is easy to see along with many other celestial delights.  Bring your binoculars to get a closer look.  Some evenings, just after sunset, you will find one(or more) of the ‘resident’ owners out with a telescope. Don’t be shy, step on over and ask if you can take a look. The clear and transparent sky over Negril provides fantastic views when the sky is right.Watching Orion overhead in short sleeves is a wonderful thing. (North American amateur astronomers will understand that sentiment.)You can see the Southern Cross (Crux) from Point Village. It is visible in the late evening sky in March above the southern horizon.