The Point Fish Guide

The waters surrounding The Point are teeming with fish.  The following is a small guide to some of the fish you might see through your mask.  All photographs were taken by residents and guests staying at Point Village.



Sergeant Majors
A type of striped damsel fish that is found in large schools near the rocks at Point Village. These friendly guys will swarm around you if you just float on through.





Yellow Stingray
There are several types of string rays found in the shallow sand and grasses near Point Village.  Most of the rays are small and will do what ever they can to get out of your way, but  stepping on one can result in a painful sting.




Butterfly Fish
Is like an angelfish with trimmed fins. Damsel fish can be seen in multiple colors swimming around the coral and rocks.





You will find them near the rocks. Typical barracuda seen around Point Village appear menacing and can be up to one meter in length.  They can be aggressive, respect them.



Flying Gurnard
A bottom dweller that appears as a mixed fish and lobster at first. Spreads colorful wings when startled. Normally found on bottom in grassy areas. Another name for this fish is a flying robin.





Squirrel Fish
Groups of squirrel fish typically found near coral and rocks. They are bright orange with large eye sockets.





Spotted Moray Eel
There are no sea snakes but these eels sure look like a snake. Often seen poking out of holes in the rock piles or moving slowly through the sand.





Sand Diver
A type of lizardfish that dwells in the shallow waters near the grasses. Typically it sits perfectly still and ambushes smaller fish as they swim by with sudden jumps from the bottom.



Trumpet Fish
Long slender fish found hiding amongst the grasses you won’t notice them until they move. Generally shy.




Fast swimming near the surface they are always moving and often seen in schools. They are a type of gar fish.




Ocean Surgeonfish
Variations are often seen in multiple colors this fish loves to hang out near the coral heads.




Yellowtail Goatfish
A sleek fish that is quick on the move yet generally docile.





Parrot Fish
An armored looking fish that feeds on coral. You can hear them munching when you listen underwater. They sound like clicks. The mouth of this fish looks like a parrot beak.



Damsel Fish
Some of the prettiest fish are just a few centimeters in size. Brightly colored they quickly skirt around the rocks and coral.





Jack Fish
A common visitor to the reefs are small jackfish. About the size of your hand they are curious and known to swim right in front of your face just out of arm’s reach.





Puffer Fish
It looks like a blob and when scared blows up into a ball with spikes sticking out. Those little black dots are actually spikes. Don’t try to handle these fish without the proper gloves and knowledge.





Brightly colored and quick moving to get out of your way. Just float over the shallow parts near Pirate’s cove to see lots of these beautiful and small fish.






Slippery Dick
Another fast moving fish that is often seen in groups around the shallow areas. You can see schools of them no bigger than your finger tip sometimes.




Scorpion Fish
Warning – to be avoided! These venomous fish lay near coral and blend in perfectly. If you have a bad encounter with one of these, seek medical attention.




Glasseyed Snapper
Often found swimming about the shallow area these guys are hard to see – they are fast swimmers and very shy to your approach.