March 11, 2012 – March 18, 2012 all-day

This Festival is intended to showcase the full breadth of the Jamaican book industry, including writers, translators, artists, illustrators, photographers; print and electronic newspapers, magazines and periodicals; news agencies; book publishers; producers of cards, maps, stationery, directories and other printed materials; pre-press, printing, and post-press suppliers; book distributors and retailers; and libraries.

The Festival will comprise activities hosted by the BIAJ and smaller events hosted by individual members – publishers, booksellers and industry partners – at bookstores and other venues across Kingston and the rest of Jamaica. It also aims to revive the popular BIAJ book fairs, which ran biennially during the 1990s. Modeled on the Miami Book Fair – the largest book fair in the United States, which attracts 200+ exhibitors and thousands of visitors to South Florida annually – the Kingston Book Festival is designed in two parallel strands: a trade fair focused on the business side of the industry; and a consumer street fair with events which will allow readers to browse and buy Jamaican and international books. The trade component will include seminars and workshops designed to improve skills in the local industry and an in-bound trade fair in which Jamaican writers and publishers will have an opportunity to sell books and book-concepts to buyers from the international arena.

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